Six Tech Security distributes integrated physical security solutions: access control, camera networks, advanced sensor technologies, and video management. Our systems are backed by best-in-class IT services, including secure firewalls, remote access technologies, shared storage solutions, and advanced server configurations. 

As security devices, cameras, access controls, and sensors have moved into the IP world, it is increasingly necessary to work with a firm that understands IT networks, cyber security, and the physical security world. We have access to software that is designed to allow disparate systems communicate seamlessly with one another. From off-the-shelf integrations with lasers, passive InfraRed devices, and acoustic sensors packages, to customizable integrations with a client’s existing sensors, we have the tools and expertise to provide and maintain connections between new and existing security devices and systems.

Our security experts are veterans thus bringing real world experience to our customers. We strive to combine world class IT with physical security viewed through the eyes of veterans who have lived security and are bringing their expertise to our customers.