With connectivity playing such a large role in our everyday lives, having a strong and flexible WiFi signal is key to keeping up productivity. At Six Tech, we provide both residential and commercial features for our clients using our custom WiFi Controller.

Residential Applications

Controlling access to the internet is a key to ensuring your family stays protected from the many hazards found online. Traditional methods of unplugging the router, changing passwords, and confiscating devices can now be streamlined with our WiFi management tools.

  • Block or throttle specific devices on your network.
  • Disable internet during sleeping hours to restrict children from going online late at night.
  • Schedule internet availability to prevent access when parents aren't home.

Commercial Applications

Utilize these same features to keep your business safe.

  • Disable WiFi during non-business hours to enhance network security.
  • Prevent specific websites from being accessed on your business network
  • Isolate devices / individuals to discourage improper internet use at work.
  • Access settings can be controlled remotely to keep you protected even while away.

Superior Coverage

Furthermore, with Six Tech Security's WiFi management solutions, coverage is no longer an issue. We use hard-wired connections with our custom controller to make sure you get a consistent, strong connection, no matter where you're at in your home or business. Our system, used widely by Fortune 500 companies, eliminates the need for an expensive dedicated home system. It also allows for remote support so you can be confident you'll always be up and running.

If you're interested in improving your WiFi capabilities, simply Contact Us.